Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Short story from Writing Class in College

If you read my daily blog you'll see that I am in a college writing class [and art] right now. I've decided that if they like it in my class, I'll post it on my blog so here goes!

Tell me what you think!

Prompt: I like cheating with other guy's girls. & I am afraid of Clowns.

Short story:

It was April Fools day, 1996. I thought the day would be fun. Boy was I wrong.

I had it all planed. Garret was going to come over and we'd call up my girl, Jess, for a little prank. When the phone hung up the night before, Garret was already awaiting the morning sunrise. At 10:00am sharp Garret started pounding on my front door. Waking me up from my usual lazy nap, i answered the door. He was so excited that he was bouncing around like the Easter bunny a month late for Easter.

I quickly got ready, putting on my tank and ripped jeans. After a cup of hot, black coffee, left on the counter, I called Jess. She was happy to come over. We had it timed good. It would take her about twenty minutes to here. At nineteen we started our show.
"Mich, how have you been?"
"Great, Gar! I've been having the time of my life lately."
"Whys that?" This all sounded a little too rehearsed but, hey, it was just a joke.
"Gar let me tell you what! I have recently found out that I like to cheat with other guy's girls."

Just then the front door slammed open and a furious looking Jess walked in. Her black hair rippled around her like the snakes of Medusa. Her bright blue eyes perching my soul, making me stumble and slapping the laughing smile from my face.
"How dare you! I-I..."

She stormed off. I ran after her, leaving Garrett to laugh by himself in the dark room. Jess was fuming. I should have know better. She started to run, her long legs moving in a blur as the track-teams star flew away from me.

I knew I'd never catch her on food so I ran back to my garage and jumped on my Harley. The sound of the reeving engine could have told any near-by cop that I was about to speed way past the speed limit.
And that's just what I did.

I was at Jess's house in under ten minutes. She wasn't there so I started ridding up and down the streets looking for her. When she wasn't at the park or the library, I finally figured out where she'd be. Going back toward my house, I stopped at Garrett's. In his backyard was a old abandoned tree house. Quietly, I climbed the rough, rotted wooden planks into the small shed like structure above me. When I opened the creaking latch door it was oddly dark.

I pulled myself up into the tree house. Shuffling came from the far corners. Suddenly the windows were uncovered and I saw it. Coming toward me slowly was a Garrett sized Clown. I yelped, falling from the tree house and falling onto the hard, rooted ground.

I awoke to the bright, painful lights of a hospital room. In the corner was stifled snickering. Garrett and Jess were laughing, i just knew it had to be them. I found the button that moved the bed into a sitting-up position. As I thought, Garrett and Jess were sitting in the blue padded chairs by the windows.

When they saw me awaken and heard the bed move, Jess rushed over to me. She kissed my forehead softly. Her soft lips made my heart flutter and I knew I wasn't asleep any more. I pulled her close and whispered softly in her ear.
"Good pay back prank. You know very well that i'm afraid of clowns..."

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