Friday, March 14, 2008

Strange Questions

"Why do you write so much?"

That's something I'm asked all the time. All I ever do in reply is laugh and smile. In truth I have no reason that would satisfy that question. I write to write. My mind is so full with idea's that I have to get it down on paper, not only in writing but drawing too. So to answer that question a little better then "i write to write" I suppose I write to give life to my minds many creature. Not only the creatures, but the people, plants, worlds that I think of and dream of.

"Why do you write so depressingly?"

That's another question that comes from every ones lips. Its not that I write depressing stories, its just that the characters live like real people. They have problems, some worse then others. Its not that they seem to have more problems then normal its that in reality no one really gives truth to the problems they face. Everyone faces different problems but in all they still face a problem. So I write about different problems. some that anyone could face and some that they couldn't or at lest shouldn't.

"Do you believe in what your book says?"

That's something I've been asked before too. In truth, I do. My book has demons, humans, all sorts of creatures and magic. I believe that demon walk among us all and that creatures lay hidden from humans. I believe that inside we all have a power, good or evil, that we have to unlock and enhance until its our own. Worlds with magic and strange creatures might very well be earth. When we learn to open our eyes and close our mind, we'll see a lot more.

"Are you used to being yelled at for what your book says?"

I get in a lot of trouble because of what my book has and what I wrote above. People don't like it when others start to say that demons and such are real. I understand that but i believe that they are so I'm not going to lie. My book are not meant to hurt anyone or anger anyone. If your not a fan of what my book says or has in it then don't read it that all i have to say to that.

I'm New at this.

Hi. My name is Angela N. Tharp. I'm a new writer whom is trying to publish a new book. The only problem with this is I have no idea what to do when contacting an Agent or a Publishing company. My goal is to at least have an agent by the end of the summer but I'm not sure if I can complete that task. If anyone has any insight on this, I'd love to hear it. To me, writing and reading has always come very easily to me.

To me, writing is like painting a picture with words. You hope that it last forever and that everyone loves it but in truth in last only as long as your will lasts. Even if you die, your will can live on in what you said, wrote, drew, and did. Some people say it’s not how you die but how you live, and others some say it’s not how you live but how you die. Personally, I believe it is both. Life brings death and death brings life. In life you walk your own path; a path that covers many hardships and crossroads. On the cross road you get to choose and the one you choose brings you to one place. This may be Death, but with death can be so much more. Your name and legacy could still live on. As long as someone lives to remember that, you live on forever.

So, to me writing is not only something I do for today, but for the days after I've died. I may never be famous in the magazines but I will be famous in the memory I've left behind. My friends, family, and all whom I've known shall know me until I give them a reason to forget. So, yes, I'm new at the publishing business, but I've got the will to see this though to the end.