Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fire Eyes - Art Inspired for College

This is a piece inspired by a picture of eyes surrounded by flames drawn by me today.

Short story:

Fire Eyes

Darkness. So disturbing that is strikes the soul in a crushing blow. Nothingness surrounds everything. I see the destruction of light as a wicker destruction begins. Above me in this isolation of creation is nothing but stars. Those small lights give me no hope in igniting my way. The clouds cover the moon, the darkness divine light.

A sound. A roar like thunder comes from around me. Am I surrounded? Where am I? Why me, where me, what me?!

Scared, frightened, I jump up. My paw-padded feet catching upon a burned wooden plank.

What is this place?!

Again the noise rings about me. Safety, warmth, life is no longer reality. I know my fate. I do not accept it!

A creature, a being of smell and taste but no mind fell upon my campsite. Its feverous wines annoying and unneeded. I grab my gear, its cold harsh surface inviting, a delight upon imagination, upon communication of the death that is to come.

Creeping slowly, i stalk the creature as it would stalk me. My steps slow, quiet. Until i step upon the wood of a tossed fire. A yelp escapes a dog from an earlier hunt. Fearing it would scare the creature, with it so close by, i shot it between its eyes. A fine reason for death.

My gun ready, powder filling my nose as the scent of a shot rises around me. The crackling of fire nearby startles me. I thought only my candle back at came was left a burn. The smell of destruction, of evaporation, of ash covers the area where I knew the beast would be.

A fire ignited as i entered the area. It's burn harsh, reds of crimson orange engulfed me. A noise. A leap. I turned to see the eyes of the beast in the fire.

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