Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Poem from College

After reading my last poem to class i wrote another one.


Against the Night Sky

a painting of catastrophe
explosions beyond the light

"What a night what a night
upon the mountain,
sittin, singin, whishin the stars away"
said the black furred boy
his fur a spike and smooth
curls, rosemary, a blush of touch
as ivory stature looks up at his fur

"Destruction, construction
the continued recycle of place
catastrophe, apathetically.
the world continues in cruel disgrace"
say I the voice of velvet smooth reality
a relaxation, a water ripple in the sky,
the air,
a creation of the stars

White wings, smooth and shining
wilt upon the dark
blackness, nothingness, completion
wings of leathery smoothness
kneed the constellations of I, the ripple of remorse
looking down the world below

My mountain, my home
ivory and fur contort, counter
with grip, with a fist that
slams upon the skys
stars explode
the night grows bold
the night grows old

"Who are you
What are you that
destroys the night with a fist of just"
says a silent statue, a sleepy eye

"Are you god, a being true.
An angel of the devil hood"
fur growls with a wolfish
his body cortex and clear

"I am no god, no devil too
I be I of velvet eye
Behold me, my night ling home"

My voice fades,
my world destroyed
as the cross of stabbing
lights contort the
sunrise upon the world

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