Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Big Question

A Big Question
Is life worth it?
Do we have the right to do such?
Why are we here?
What have we done to live so well?
I don't know why, but I know one thing well.
We do not have the right to go around as if there is no reason.
Life was given to us for a reason, use it.
Help, don't harm.
Love, don't kill.
Care, don't hate.
Forgive and forget, don't take revenge on memories.
I am the farthest from perfect on these terms;
That just means I have been where you are;
I came back.
Let everyone live life to its fullest, for we don't have it for long.
What ever they may be,
let them be whom they are.
If god is real, I don't think he would hate anyone,
just for the way they are?
If any of the gods' are real
Would they be good to follow if they hated man?
I have no belief in any,
but I follow my soul;
It tells me no they would not.
I am a hurtful, evil-like person,
but I shall be the first to stand for the life of another.
This war, it sends tears to the eyes of many.
the lives of children, are they but toys to thou?
this war, it is not a helpful thing.
if this is what we do with life,
do we have the right to live?
I say...