Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cleveland School of the Arts

Sorry i haven't been posting guys. life's been hectic. But i'm back!

I am writing today to say my newest step in my goal of writing has been accomplished.

No it wasn't getting a book published or my name in the paper. It wasn't a big check or some fame.

It was me getting accepted to Cleveland School of the Arts.

This school is the next step in the rest of my life. not only will i be taking all my normal classes, but i will also be taking a Creative Writing class. This will be amazing and i'll keep updates with everyone about how it's going!

i start Monday, wish me luck~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Description Passage from College

A small description of an image in my mind.

Pink explosion, passion flying around him. His black hounds of hair painted red classing against a broken sky. above, the heavens rip at the gods anger, fury, decision. flames brake out sweet smell, sour smoke. Opening to the door of death, of destruction, of creation in the recycled recurrence of place. Ring of death worming around his strong hands, his thick finger as he helps me up. Blood, burns the stench of flesh as rememberably cruel world says goodnight.

A poem of death from College

This poem has to do with death and people close to you dying. I hope you like it...or not but in a good way.


Unloved by family
disconnected from reality
cladded in armor
so bold
fire and passion born of twin blood
a doctor to be
mountain of black and red
love for both female and males
heart-broken lover
a crossed ocean of heart
shatter the glass
shatter the memory
outlook the mount
in flame of memory
spirit of love
mine guardian flame
my minds eye
eye to the spirit realm
the tomb of death
swirling darkness
immortal reality
the last blood dripping
dripping in goodbyes.

G.I.G.O. - Work from Poetry and College

here are the random words, in order, that i came up. Don't think this is a poem or something. Just my thoughts.



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Poem from College

After reading my last poem to class i wrote another one.


Against the Night Sky

a painting of catastrophe
explosions beyond the light

"What a night what a night
upon the mountain,
sittin, singin, whishin the stars away"
said the black furred boy
his fur a spike and smooth
curls, rosemary, a blush of touch
as ivory stature looks up at his fur

"Destruction, construction
the continued recycle of place
catastrophe, apathetically.
the world continues in cruel disgrace"
say I the voice of velvet smooth reality
a relaxation, a water ripple in the sky,
the air,
a creation of the stars

White wings, smooth and shining
wilt upon the dark
blackness, nothingness, completion
wings of leathery smoothness
kneed the constellations of I, the ripple of remorse
looking down the world below

My mountain, my home
ivory and fur contort, counter
with grip, with a fist that
slams upon the skys
stars explode
the night grows bold
the night grows old

"Who are you
What are you that
destroys the night with a fist of just"
says a silent statue, a sleepy eye

"Are you god, a being true.
An angel of the devil hood"
fur growls with a wolfish
his body cortex and clear

"I am no god, no devil too
I be I of velvet eye
Behold me, my night ling home"

My voice fades,
my world destroyed
as the cross of stabbing
lights contort the
sunrise upon the world

Fire Eyes - Art Inspired for College

This is a piece inspired by a picture of eyes surrounded by flames drawn by me today.

Short story:

Fire Eyes

Darkness. So disturbing that is strikes the soul in a crushing blow. Nothingness surrounds everything. I see the destruction of light as a wicker destruction begins. Above me in this isolation of creation is nothing but stars. Those small lights give me no hope in igniting my way. The clouds cover the moon, the darkness divine light.

A sound. A roar like thunder comes from around me. Am I surrounded? Where am I? Why me, where me, what me?!

Scared, frightened, I jump up. My paw-padded feet catching upon a burned wooden plank.

What is this place?!

Again the noise rings about me. Safety, warmth, life is no longer reality. I know my fate. I do not accept it!

A creature, a being of smell and taste but no mind fell upon my campsite. Its feverous wines annoying and unneeded. I grab my gear, its cold harsh surface inviting, a delight upon imagination, upon communication of the death that is to come.

Creeping slowly, i stalk the creature as it would stalk me. My steps slow, quiet. Until i step upon the wood of a tossed fire. A yelp escapes a dog from an earlier hunt. Fearing it would scare the creature, with it so close by, i shot it between its eyes. A fine reason for death.

My gun ready, powder filling my nose as the scent of a shot rises around me. The crackling of fire nearby startles me. I thought only my candle back at came was left a burn. The smell of destruction, of evaporation, of ash covers the area where I knew the beast would be.

A fire ignited as i entered the area. It's burn harsh, reds of crimson orange engulfed me. A noise. A leap. I turned to see the eyes of the beast in the fire.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poem from College

This is a poem made for our lesson 'Inspired by...'

I hope you all like it!



Inspired by: Jump Mama by Kurtis Lamkin

Pretty summer day
goin far away
to where the snow needs
and the sun don't shine

harsh stormy day
laughing mockingly
as the world around is
an' the heart of a beast is tamed

lil' girl follows the summer day
her pigtails wagin as her body
dancin around the warm hot day

she sees a bird
a big ol'bird
sittin on her bench

Scat bird!
she shouts as the clouds roll in

the bird tads off
a laughin starts
and the bird comes back

Her look turns scared
her eyes openin
as the clouds fight the day

lookin to the bird she
lightning hits the birds beak
sparks fly all around the boilin sky

fried lil' bird engulfed
in black light
becomes an
old woman

lil' girl looks scared
old woman laughs
girl tries to run away
old woman grabs her sayin

You can't run! Your too old!
girl turns
Mirror reflexes the old woman
She is

Crackle of thunder
awakens her
from a Nightmare