Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poem from College

This is a poem made for our lesson 'Inspired by...'

I hope you all like it!



Inspired by: Jump Mama by Kurtis Lamkin

Pretty summer day
goin far away
to where the snow needs
and the sun don't shine

harsh stormy day
laughing mockingly
as the world around is
an' the heart of a beast is tamed

lil' girl follows the summer day
her pigtails wagin as her body
dancin around the warm hot day

she sees a bird
a big ol'bird
sittin on her bench

Scat bird!
she shouts as the clouds roll in

the bird tads off
a laughin starts
and the bird comes back

Her look turns scared
her eyes openin
as the clouds fight the day

lookin to the bird she
lightning hits the birds beak
sparks fly all around the boilin sky

fried lil' bird engulfed
in black light
becomes an
old woman

lil' girl looks scared
old woman laughs
girl tries to run away
old woman grabs her sayin

You can't run! Your too old!
girl turns
Mirror reflexes the old woman
She is

Crackle of thunder
awakens her
from a Nightmare

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