Sunday, June 28, 2009

Music Died

On June 26Th, Micheal Jackson died, and with him music. As the greatest renowned artist, Micheal Jackson's death is traumatizing to us all. The King of Pop, some thought he would never die, and others say he still lives on. He does. Micheal Jackson lives on in his incredible art, his music and his music videos. But is that enough? For die heart fans of Micheal Jackson {the ones that were fans before his death} this will never be enough.

Though he did, or perhaps didn't seeing as he was never convicted we can not judge that for sure he did those heinous crimes, many horrid things that are not viewed highly on he is a genius in the art of sound and dance.

Truly, will we ever find another person who can dance with magic feet like Micheal Jackson did? He created whole eras of dance with one video alone! No one can say that Thriller, even if it is old for our newer special effects, etc, wasn't a great piece! Over thirteen minutes long, Thriller not only showed Micheal Jackson's dancing and acting, but his songs and it started it's own ear of dance, the Zombie dance!

Micheal had so many great pieces! Thriller being the best by far! Close after is the renowned 'Bad'. This showed, if i may be so old as to say, Micheal's 'bad' skills of dance and song, bad in the good way! This song alone was amazing, but the story he set up in the video really gives reason behind the song. I think we can all agree that Micheal was bad, in one way or the other!

Personally, I think his third best song is a tie between Smooth Criminal and Black or White. Both are amazingly well done! Smooth Criminal not only has an amazing beat to it that makes the song get stuck in your head for days, it tells an intriguing story. Not to mention it's fun to sing!

Black or White, on the other hand, has some very profound meaning behind it. Written and performed during Micheal's transformation, you can't help but wonder if it has double mean, and if Micheal was a hypocrite for singing it! His skin changed from black to white, now if this is due to him bleaching it or a disease, we may never know, but if he did it himself, doesn't that make him a hypocrite for singing a song that is meant to say it doesn't mater what your skin color is? It all comes down to what was going on during the time of the song.

I could go on and on about Micheal and his talent, his songs, his dance, but the more i write the more my heart grows heavy. We've lost not lonely a genius, but one of the most interesting and influentcial people in all our world. Will anyone ever take Micheal's place? Not for a long, long time, if ever.

Personally, i'm waiting for him to walk onto some stage tomorrow and make his "Resurrection". Micheal is the type of person that could do it. But will he? We'll have to see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully so, but most likely not.

Rest in Peace Micheal. You were an amazing artist, an amazing man, and the raging King of Pop. We will never forget you, thank you for all you gave to the music world!


Lazy Writer said...

I did a post about Michael too (also Farrah). I was never a huge fan of his, but I did go to a concert one time (many years ago) and he was awesome! Very talented man. The music industry will not be the same without him. I'm also a hopeful author who writes teen stuff. Perhaps we can learn from each other!

Angela N. Tharp said...

A lot of post about him have popped up it seems. I didn't know that until after I posted mine though....I suppose it should be suspected after such a horrid ordeal and lost of an interesting man, true? I think his music and talent is brilliant! Though I tend to look into things too deeply {I am highly interested in law} so I can't say I'm a huge fan until i see evidence that he didn't do a few things. But as you were saying, I would love to be in contact with you, if you'd like, and we can most certainly learn from each other!