Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Few More Steps

I've taken my next step though life. Each day that I find myself being able to awake in the morn and fall in the eve, is a day that shows me new things to work for and to learn.

I work, every day, so that I shall be able to publish my book in the tomorrow, but nothing appears to work that way. Working hard and focusing on a goal is only part of the scheme of things. You have to know people, know skills you didn't even know were real, and you have to have the guts to push though the cruelty and the hate.
Most people should know what i mean. Everyday people work harder and harder, jobs being lost this way and that, for only the hope that it will get better in the morrow, but does it? Some day it will, but when is that day? No one knows. That is why every moment becomes precious, every step could be the last step forward and hundreds of steps back. No one can be carefree, no one can be free.
Thus, it could be just a few steps more, a few little moments, that could change everything. I say this so as to be witness to the world, and to show you that even if its the last step, its one more step that may help you later, so keep walking. Every moment of everyday is priceless in this penny-less time, so don't waist what you have, and fight for what you don't. Then, it wont be just a few more steps, it'll be a life time.

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